About us

“The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing “

Digitalization is today’s key driver for change economic and social change.
Also for family businesses.

Alphazirkel Digital aims to support family businesses on their digital journey, help with understanding the opportunities and challenges and to offer an exchange platform with startups to facilitate their digital transformation. We do this through offering events, workshops, conferences and more all around the topic of digitalization.

We are part of the Alphazirkel network. Founded in 2005 by Andreas E. Mach as a platform for the exchange of experience and opinions for family businesses. Over 10.000 family entrepreneurs have since regularly attended our entrepreneur evenings in Munich, Berlin, Salzburg, Vienna and Istanbul.




Our team

Our Team

Our team is  headed by Barbara Kearney and Albert Geiger. We feel very passionate about the transformations that digital brings from what it means fror customer experience, new business models. technologies and products and the resulting potential opportunities for family businesses.